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DMS Migrations to iManage, Upgrade, New Installs, MCC design, Technical Training, DB consolidation or splitting, Consulting on Design or Settings/Options


Below are some of the types of major migrations done:

  • WordTricks (DoxShop) to NetDocuments

  • eDOCS/DM to NetDocuments

  • iManage to NetDocuments

  • Windows Fileshares to NetDocuments

  • DOCS Open to iManage

  • eDOCS to iManage

  • Worldox to iManage

  • Soft Solutions to PCDOCS

  • Worldox to PCDOCS

  • Profound to PCDOCS


These migrations are challenging and require expert mappings of disparate information such as authors, classes (doctypes), custom values, security, and history. In addition, firms need to determine how to handle versions and possibly other types of documents such as attachments or sub-versions. 


Because migrations coincide with training employees on the new system the migrations are usually done in batches or stages and can take several months to complete. Therefore processes to filter the migrations and managing scheduling of overlapping tasks such as training, workstation deployment and document migration become crucial. 

Matter Centric Design and Implementation

Implementation of Matter Centricity (MCC) in numerous organizations has involved several key areas: Pre-planning and cleanup, design prototypes and revisions, and building out the final design which includes refiling documents to the proper location. As part of the pre-planning SQL queries are used to report on potential issues so remediation efforts can take place long before the rollout. Database analysis is needed to determine obsolete classes, overused metadata that could make a single workspace extremely large, and missing metadata. The Prototype designs are initially presented to each group for discussion on recommended practices and additional revisions. Once each group has agreed on an initial design the new workspaces are created and existing flat-space filed documents are linked to the proper folders within the workspaces. 

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