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Product Experience and Certification

Campbell Consulting (CC) has extensive experience with Document Management systems such as NetDocuments, Autonomy /Interwoven/iManage and PCDOCS /Hummingbird/Open Text and maintains certifications on several key products:

  • NetDocuments Certified Partner in 5 out of 6 possible areas: Implementation, Advanced Migration, ndToolkit, and Training

  • iManage Solutions Consultation and System Engineer (including 10.x)

  • Open Text System Engineer (ie. PCDOCS, DOCS Open, eDOCS)

  • DocAuto Software tools such as Workspace Manager, iImport, WorkSite Exporter, DocAuto Server Modules (Watchdog, Refiling, Email Management, and Folder Manager, to name a few)

New Installations and Upgrades

DMS Migrations to iManage, Upgrade, New Installs, MCC design, Technical Training, DB consolidation or splitting, Consulting on Design or Settings/Options

New installations have a unique challenge for users who "don't know what they don't know". Because of this, CC approaches new installations as an "iterative" process. The clients feel sure they know what they need, but as they use the system, they learn they need to re-evaluate earlier decisions and make changes. New installations also need mass imports of documents in disparate layouts and locations to all be imported into new consistent layouts. This requires creating translation mappings of old data to new data (i.e. old author to new User IDs). 

With upgrades users need to learn "what's new" and what are the key benefits the upgrade provides. This will require a test environment that is also used for developing training materials and getting the IT staff ready for the change before it is rolled out to the rest of company. It is also used to test compatibility with any third-party applications and develop deployment packages or client upgrade steps.

Implementation Certification

Advanced Migration Certification

ndToolkit Certification

Training Certification

Sales Certification

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