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iManage Certified System Engineer (including 10.x) DocAuto Certified Software Engineer Open Text/Hummingbird System Engineer and Trainer

Database Consolidation or Database Splitting (Archiving)

Having extensive experience in consolidating databases requires merging documents into existing workspaces and folders of the target database. We can maintain the original document number with an offset so that document number 2,000 becomes 20,002,000 (example with an offset of 20 million). This makes an additional field for the old document number unnecessary while simultaneously allowing users to know the new document number making searching easier and footers still relevant. 

Opposite of consolidating databases is splitting out information from one database into another. One of the most common reasons for this is to get old or inactive information out of production making it leaner and moving it to another inactive database until it has reached its destruction date. Another creative use is to split out offices which might be located in parts of the world where centralized access is extremely slow. Other reasons have been for requirements by customers who need more than just an ethical wall for securely separating the documents but rather an entire different database. Another example is when a firm or a portion of the firm has been purchased and needs to break out the information for the other company to take. 

Advanced Technical Training

Providing advanced technical training for IT staff, Help Desk, and Trainers is frequently needed. Classes include in-depth product information and usage along with troubleshooting tips, avoiding and resolving typical issues, finding lost documents, and understanding the differences between the DMS’s local copies and Microsoft Office’s backups.This type of training can be done prior to the rollout of a new product so that staff can begin to provide knowledgeable decisions during the implementation. Or it could be done at the end of the project to provide that in-depth knowledge for on-going support and troubleshooting. 

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